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CU Spaces is a secure web-based focal point designed to make sharing and communicating between Committees, Directors and staff a lot easier. With secure login from your PC or Laptop and available 24 hours a day, CU Spaces lets you share documents, communicate ideas, view and update calendars and make announcements, so that everyone's ‘reading from the same hymn sheet.'

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Broadcast messages to different group of users whether they are simple announcements or "newsletter"-like in purpose.

Message Boards

Discussion/Message Boards


Message Boards are a perfect solution for facilitating conversations around shared ideas within a department or committee, or for capturing and sharing the knowledge of the Credit Union.

They can stimulate conversation between various departments that may not have the opportunity to communicate with each other in day to day life, as many directors are not available during CU working hours.

Message Boards are secured by CU Spaces system of authorizations which grants varying levels of control to different users.


Online Document Library


CU Spaces provides one central place to aggregate and manage all your documents. The Credit Union has its own separate Document Library and Image Gallery with customizable folders accessible by your team members, no matter where they are.

These could be directors, committee members, supervisors, managers or employees and because content is accessible only by those authorized by the administrator, each individual file is as open or as secure as you need it to be.

A complete listing is maintained showing document versions with the dates they were created and updated.

Shared Calendar

Shared Calendar


Shared calendars with task lists allow users to create, manage, and search for events. Events can be viewed across the credit union and event reminders can be set up to alert users of upcoming events by email.




CU Spaces uses the highest industry standard encryption technologies, so you can always be confident in the security of your data. Log in once to access all your files. Varying layers of security with customized access to sensitive information also lets you control who sees what.


Role-Based Authorizations


To ensure that the right people control the right information, administrators can assign individual users or groups of users different "roles" that grant varying levels of access and editing rights to specific communities, files, applications and tools.


Single Click Configuration


A fast, responsive interface makes CU Spaces extremely easy and enjoyable to use for everyone in your credit union. Typically time-consuming tasks such as altering a page layout, adding new applications and content, and changing look and feel can all be done in a couple of clicks without ever refreshing the page.

Image Gallery

Image Gallery


Keep all the images associated with your Credit Union such as staff photos, press clippings and premises photos in one location for easy access.